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It Is So Easy To Choose To NOT Go For A Run

Toronto runA true story - I wrote this email at about 5:00am at a recent conference where I had told someone that I would meet for a run at 6:00am:


Unfortunately I completely forgot about the <meeting> from 8-9am ... and since I also have to pack up to check out of the hotel as I'm flying home tonight, as well as get out some messages/posts *before* the meeting... there's just no way I can also fit in a run. :-(

If you get this before going out and could just fire back a quick acknowledgement that would be great. If I don't hear from you I'll be standing down in the lobby at 6am NOT in my running clothes.


I was about to hit the Send button.

My cursor was poised over the send icon button at the top of the message window on my MacBook Pro. All I had to do was tap my finger and the message would be off.

But I paused...

... and as I read that message and re-read it again and again... it just seemed like a really weak excuse.

There will always be reasons to NOT go for a run.

As I thought about it, I realized that if I were truly honest with myself some of those posts and messages that seemed so urgent to send off before the 8:00am meeting... really could wait a bit. Sure, it would be great to get them off first thing... but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they were published/sent a few hours later.

And I realized again that it is easy to NOT prioritize exercise and running.

And that it is all about the choices we make in every moment of our lives.

And that I had a choice right then that would define what were my priorities.

I paused.

And then I chose to NOT send that message!

I did get into my running clothes... and I was down in the hotel lobby at 6:00am... and it turned out that there was a group of about 8 runners who gathered there... and we all went out for a great 3.8 mile run!

And I felt great after doing that!

We all have choices. We choose whether to exercise - or not.

P.S. The photo with this post is one I took on a morning run in Toronto during an IETF meeting. My hard-core, ultra-marathon-runner friend Hannes took it easy and joined us slow runners for a nice run along the harbor front... that's him in the orange. :-)


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The awesome beauty of autumn…

The awesome beauty of autumn...

A Japanese maple leaf seen while walking my daughter to school...

TDYR #177 – Watching Spacecraft Dock – The Amazing Power of The Internet

This morning I was reminded of the awesome power of the Internet to enable us to see and experience events from far away. For a few moments I watched the Russian Progress 57 spacecraft dock with the International Space Station... all live and in HD video... and all from the comfort of my home... https://blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation/2014/10/29/new-progress-resupply-craft-arrives-at-station/ It was a time when I was just reminded of the amazing power of the Internet to connect us all!

Please Take This DNSSEC Survey To Help Understanding of Value, Obstacles, Priorities

DNSSEC badgeDo you have a few minutes to answer a 12 question survey about your views on DNSSEC?  Tim Rooney over at BT Diamond IP has launched a survey to try to gather data around viewpoints on DNSSEC deployment. As Tim says in his blog post announcing the survey:

BT Diamond IP is sponsoring a DNSSEC survey to gather input from DNS and network administrators regarding their opinions about the value of DNSSEC, potential obstacles to implementation, and relative priority of deployment. And you are hereby invited to participate! The survey consists of twelve questions plus a thirteenth if you’d like to enter your contact information to be entered for a drawing for a $100 VISA gift card. The survey will remain open through November 3, 2014, after which we will compile the results and publish a free survey report.

I’ve taken the survey myself and agree that it would be useful to have data around the different questions asked.  Obviously this is a “self-selected” survey in the sense that only people who learn about it will fill out the survey… and odds are that they will probably learn about it through channels like this one (our blog) where they might already be interested in DNSSEC.

Still, I think the results will be helpful in gaining some understanding of what people are thinking about with regard to DNSSEC deployment.

If you have a few minutes, please take the survey.

And yes, obviously BT Diamond IP is not doing this entirely altruistically… they do hope to gain some leads for their own business… but if you don’t want to give them your contact information simply do not fill out the 13th optional question (and I didn’t).  The overall statistics could be quite helpful!

And if you want to get started deploying DNSSEC today, please visit our Start Here page to find resources targeted at your type of organization or role.