October 8, 2014 archive

Watch LIVE Today – INET Trinidad and Tobago – IPv6, DNSSEC, More

INET Trinidad and TobagoAs we mentioned earlier this week,  the INET Trinidad and Tobago event starts TODAY bringing great Internet infrastructure information to the Caribbean region. Some of the presentations today covering IPv6 and DNSSEC include:

  • IPv6: What Is It? Why Is It Needed?
  • IPv6 Deployment: Business Cases and Development Options (in the Caribbean)
  • Securing the DNS and Internet Routes

The event continues tomorrow, Thursday, October 9, with a range of sessions related to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), cybersecurity and trends in the overall industry.

You can watch the event live at:


The agenda can be found at:


Note that Trinidad and Tobago use Atlantic Standard Time (AST) which is UTC-4 and right now the same as US Eastern Daylight Time.

Our colleague Shernon Osepa has more information about the INET Trinidid and Tobago event in a post on our Internet Technology Matters (ITM) blog earlier this week.