January 16, 2013 archive

Playing Google’s Zamboni Game/Doodle… Over IPv6!

Okay, maybe it’s a small thing, but I have to admit that when I wound up on Google’s home page today to try out their “Zamboni doodle” celebrating the 112th birthday of Frank Zamboni, I don’t know which I found cooler… the game itself, or the fact that I was getting to it entirely over IPv6:

(Address bar IPv6 info courtesy of the IPvFoo extension for Google Chrome.)

Just another moment when I’m glad that Google’s websites are accessible via IPv6!  As a web developer, too, I had to know: is this Zamboni game done entirely in JavaScript?  A StackExchange answer says that it is, which is fascinating.

P.S. And yes, that was as high as I let my score go… the Zamboni looks like it could be an enormous time-suck, and I do have some writing that needs to be done!

Are You A Redditor? Subscribe To The IPv6 Subreddit

Are you are redditor?  Is Reddit one of your main sources of information, news and links?  If so, have you checked out the IPv6 “subreddit”?  It is at:


and currently has close to 4,000 readers subscribed to it. I’ve found it a useful place for both finding new links and stories and also for some interesting discussions related to those stories.  If you’re a reddit user, do check it out!

P.S. And if you’re not a reddit user, there are many other places where IPv6 is discussed on other services.