January 8, 2013 archive

Attending CES? Visit the ARIN Booth To Learn How Critical IPv6 Is For Consumer Electronics

ARIN at CES 2013Are you attending the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas? If so, you can visit the ARIN team at booth 35175 in South Hall 4 to learn about why IPv6 and why it is critically important for consumer electronics devices.

As the folks behind the TeamARIN site say in their article today, CES: Why All Internet-Enabled Consumer Devices Need IPv6 :

At the end of the day, a consumer will be sorely disappointed if they purchase an 80-inch 3D television and it cannot connect to the entire Internet, and that means the TV needs to be IPv6 compatible. Manufacturers, designers and engineers need to adopt IPv6 today so that their consumer products can compete in the market in years to come.

We agree!  If you are at CES and want to understand more about why you need to be thinking about IPv6 in consumer devices, stop by the ARIN booth and ask them your questions.