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Video: The DANE Protocol – What It Is And How It Helps Make The Internet More Secure (via DNSSEC and TLS/SSL)

What is the DANE protocol all about?  How does it help make the Internet more secure?  How does it work with DNSSEC and TLS/SSL certificates?  What added security does DANE provide?

In this interview at IETF 84 in Vancouver this summer, I spoke with Warren Kumari, co-chair of the DANE Working Group within the IETF, about all these questions and also what the future holds for DANE:

To learn more about DANE and how to get involved, you can:

We will also be updating our page about the DANE protocol with additional resources, tutorials, tools, test sites and more information in the weeks ahead. There are some great tools under development, including plugins for browsers and tools to generate TLSA records.

Today’s VUC Call – Setting Up A Cellular Network In The Desert For Burning Man

TimpantonToday's VoIP Users Conference (VUC) call at 12:00 noon US Eastern should be quite an interesting one. Tim Panton from Voxeo Labs and Tropo will be joining the call to talk about his experience setting up a mobile network in the middle of the desert for this year's Burning Man event.

Tim recently described the experience in a guest post at TechCrunch: "What We Learned Running A Mobile Network At Burning Man" and on the VUC call will talk more about what he did. The FAQ from the Papa Legba camp at Burning Man makes for quite an interesting read. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Tim... and the call is open for anyone to join in.

You can join the live call via SIP, Skype or the regular old PSTN. There is also an IRC backchannel that gets heavy usage during the call. It will be recorded so you can always listen later.

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