August 31, 2012 archive

IPv6 Friday: IPv6 for beginners

What are some good steps for someone just beginning with IPv6? Over on his IPv6 Friday site, Olle Johansson published an “IPv6 for beginners” post today that provides a nice checklist for individuals who want to get started.

Olle’s primary focus is on suggesting you set up an IPv6 tunnel so that you can get IPv6 into your home network – even if your local Internet Service Provider does not support IPv6.    I can say myself that this works great as it is how I get IPv6 connectivity into my home office in Keene, New Hampshire.  As Olle notes, there are now a number of different IPv6 tunnel providers. Hurricane Electric (HE) and SixXS are probably the best known out there, but others exist too.

Olle also answers a number of other questions and points to a number of resources out there for learning more about IPv6, including Deploy360. (Thanks, Olle!)

It’s good to see more tutorial info like this out there and I do hope it encourages more people to try out getting IPv6 into their local networks.

P.S. If you live in the US or Canada, this is probably a long weekend for the Labo(u)r Day holiday… if you need a geeky distraction, why not try getting IPv6 set up on your home network? :-)