August 28, 2012 archive

Over 760,000 .NL Domains Now Signed With DNSSEC

The Netherlands now leads the world in terms of DNSSEC-signed domains with over 760,000 .NL domains signed with DNSSEC. A tweet from SIDN, the operator of the .NL domain, clued us in to this milestone this morning. You may recall us writing about the .NL growth back in early July when the number of domains was cruising up towards 100,000… now about 7 weeks later the the growth is approaching 8X that number:

DNSSEC growth in dot NL domain

As shown in the graph from the PowerDNSSEC team, the .NL growth has surpassed other domains that have been promoting DNSSEC such as .SE, .BR and .CZ.  It has also, sadly, eclipsed the number of DNSSEC-signed .COM domains.

Kudos to the SIDN team for their efforts to encourage DNSSEC adoption within their registrars and hosting providers. We look forward to seeing them pass the million domain mark soon!

P.S. If you want more information about how to sign your own domain using DNSSEC, check out our instructions for several registrars.