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Operate an Internet Router? Join our “Router Resilience Survey” To Help Make The Internet More Secure

Routing Resiliency SurveyDo you operate a router connecting your network to the rest of the Internet?  Would you like to help us understanding how resilient and secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure is? If so, please visit our new “Routing Resiliency Survey” at:

and read more about the new project at:

New Internet Society Project Aims to Learn: Is Your Internet Routing Secure and Resilient?

The cool thing is that as a participant in the project you’ll receive a basic level of performance monitoring from BGPmon who is partnering with the Internet Society on this survey.  You’ll also receive the report when the 6-month survey is complete and you’ll help gain insight into questions such as:

  • What happens with the prefixes your routers announce elsewhere in the global Internet?
  • How will your network be impacted by routing misconfigurations?
  • How safe and resilient is the overall global routing infrastructure?

Participating in this survey will greatly help us – and the rest of the Internet community – understand better exactly what kind of threats and attacks are being seen out within the Internet’s routing infrastructure. As you can read on the RRS page, the time commitment should be minimal and all data will be anonymized – plus, as mentioned above, you’ll get to see reports related to your own routers.

Please do check it out and help us if you can!  (Thanks!)