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Free webinar on DNS/Internet security – Thursday, 19 January, 18:00 UTC

ISC2 LogoWant to learn more about DNS security and the broader topic of Internet security? This Thursday, 19 January 2017, I will be speaking as part of a free webinar on the topic of “Visibility and Security – Two Sides of the Same Coin“.  The panel will include:

  • Cricket Liu, Executive VP, Infoblox
  • Dave Lewis, Global Security Advocate, Akamai
  • myself

This is part of ISC2’s “Think Tank” series of discussion webinars. There are no slides here, just a discussion and time to answer questions from participants. In the preparation call, we discussed potentially covering:

  • DNS security and privacy issues, including DNSSEC
  • the recent DDoS attacks and what can be done
  • network analysis and threat mitigation
  • … and many more topics!

It should be a fun and informative session and we’re looking forward to guiding off of the questions that attendees ask.

The webinar begins at 1:00pm US Eastern (18:00 UTC). You must register to attend. Registration is free, although you must sign up with BrightTalk’s system to participate. Whatever contact information you provide in the registration will also be given to ISC2 and the sponsor of the webinar, Infoblox.

FYI, if you hold one of the ISC2 certifications, such as the CISSP credential, this webinar is eligible for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

And if you want to learn more about DNS security – or any of the other security topics we cover here – please visit our Start Here page to begin!