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Video/Slides: Case Study – IPv6 and Home Automation (RIPE67)

How well can a home be automated using IPv6? This week at RIPE67, Nathalie Trenaman spoke about how she and her boyfriend have been in the process of wiring up their home to work over IPv6. We previously mentioned the IPv6 home automation blog she’s been maintaining, but in this presentation she went into a great amount of detail and provided a good set of slides outlining the steps they’ve gone through and what has or hasn’t worked. You can watch the video on the RIPE67 site:

RIPE 67 - Nathalie Trenaman

Natalie concludes offering these “lessons learned”:

  • IPv6 in your house is not cheap
  • There is a lot of manual labour involved
  • Thank Goodness for Open Source!
  • Vendors of commercial “home” products are not even aware of IPv6
  • Not everything with IPv4 can be done with IPv6

It’s a good set of information and it is through efforts like this that we’ll start to see consumer electronics vendors paying attention.

Have you tried automating your home over IPv6? What has your experience been? What systems have you found that work over IPv6?