February 15, 2021 archive

TDYR 406 – My Initial Thoughts on TwitterSpaces

So what’s the deal with TwitterSpaces? How does it work? Will it truly be a competitor to Clubhouse for “social audio”? Today I had a chance to participate in three TwitterSpaces - and in this episode I talk about the experience of joining a TwitterSpace, what you can do inside of it, how you interact with it, my thoughts on how it is different from Clubhouse, and some thoughts on "social audio". Two posts I reference are: - https://stratechery.com/2021/clubhouses-inevitability/ - https://web-strategist.com/blog/2021/01/30/the-future-of-social-audio-startups-roadmap-business-models-and-a-forecast/ I welcome feedback either to @danyork on Twitter or via email to dan@danyork.org