October 16, 2018 archive

Testing the details element

I was rather amazed today to discover the <details> element. Where had this been?  Clearly I’ve not been keeping up with the evolution of HTML! 😞

Why is this site called deepdark.blue?I wanted to test out using a “new generic top-level domain” (newgtld).
But why .blue?Why not? And because I like the color blue.
But is there any other point to this site?Nope. None whatsoever. It’s just a testing site.

Per the Mozilla documentation of <details>, this is supported by all modern browsers except Microsoft IE and Microsoft Edge. It does seem that MS is working on adding this to Edge, though.

Hat tip to someone on Mastodon who pointed me to:

TDYR 357 – The DNSSEC KSK Rollover on October 11 was blissfully boring

October 11, 2018, was a blissfully boring day on the Internet - and that was a beautiful thing! The long-planned DNSSEC Root KSK Rollover (described in TDYR 356 - https://soundcloud.com/danyork/tdyr-356-are-you-prepared-for ) did *NOT* "break the Internet". There were no large outages. Everything went as planned. In this episode, I talk about all of that, why it matters - and what is next. Image credit: NLNet Labs - https://www.nlnetlabs.nl/