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#807 – Can every company really be a media company?

Intro: Boston experiences, ‘Geeks Bearing Gifts’ book review is up, Harry Hawk interview with Clammr CEO Parviz Parvizi is coming;

Quick News: There’s nothing fair about fair use at Soundcloud, forgotten wonders of the digital world: Second Life, new data on native advertising’s disclosure issues, more than one million click “I’m a voter” button on Facebook as opinion polls suffer major credibility crisis in UK general election; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop;

News That Fits: Every company is a media company, part 32,556: Uber looks for an editorial director; big moves in content marketing; listener comments in the FIR Podcast Community on Google+; Dan York’s Tech Report: the power of Soundcloud, developments at Ello, and more; how Snapchat made QR codes cool again; the past week in the FIR Podcast Network; Igloo Software promo; catching up with Glenn Gaudet and GaggleAMP;

Music from Guster; and more.

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FIR #807 – 5/11/15 – For Immediate Release

Geeks Bearing Gifts book review is up; Clammr CEO interview coming, Quick News: Nothing fair about fair use at SoundCloud, Second Life is a forgotten wonder, new data on native advertising's disclosure issues, Facebook I'm a Voter button gets more than a million clicks; Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop; News That Fits: Uber seeks an editorial director, Foremski takes a content job, Reddit sets up video division, mattress company builds a sleep-focused online publication, listener comments, Dan York's Tech Report, SnapChat makes QR codes cool again, the last week in the FIR Podcast Network, Igloo Software promo, catching up with GaggleAmp; music from Gusher; and more.