February 26, 2013 archive

Video – DNSSEC: What Every Sysadmin Should Be Doing To Keep Things Working (USENIX LISA)

DNSSEC session at LISA '12At the USENIX LISA ’12 conference in December 2012, Roland Van Rijswijk of SURFnet gave a great talk titled “DNSSEC: What Every Sysadmin Should be Doing to Keep Things Working” where he talks about how you are perhaps already using DNSSEC – and what you need to do to make sure it keeps working. Roland’s an enjoyable presenter and I think you’ll enjoy his session. The presentation is available in both video and audio at:


His slides are also available for download.

I’d note, too, that Roland is one of the people involved with SURFnet’s excellent white paper on deploying DNSSEC validation on recursive caching name servers that is definitely worth a read for anyone looking to deploy DNSSEC validation within your network.