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Interested in Reviewing “Migrating Applications to IPv6”? Looking For Reviewers…

Are you wondering about what might be involved with making an application work with IPv6? Do you develop apps and haven’t given much thought to IPv6, but are thinking maybe you should? Or are you an advocate for IPv6 looking to understand what books are out there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, would you be interested in reviewing my latest book, “Migrating Applications to IPv6“, published by O’Reilly in June 2011?

I have two reasons for asking:

  1. The reality of today’s book marketplace is that reviews sell books. People do make purchasing decisions based on reading the reviews that people write. Right now there’s only 1 review of my book on O’Reilly’s site and none on Amazon.com. I’d love to see a few more out there on those sites… I’d also love to see some independent reviews on blog sites.
  2. The other reality is – I would like feedback! I’ve had some great comments from some friends who work with IPv6, but I’d like to get more feedback. Is the book appropriate for the target market? Is there anything more you’d like to see in the book? Were there sections that you felt could have had more text?

The beautiful thing about this book is that O’Reilly is focused on it being a living, breathing eBook. I can add more text or sections to it at any time and that new content will then be made available to anyone who has purchased the eBook. (eBook owners get email notifications through O’Reilly’s store mechanism… which works really well in my experience! You can also just login to O’Reilly’s site and see what books have new versions waiting for you to download.)

So in my mind I would like to see this book be an ongoing compilation of “best practices” around migrating applications to IPv6. I already have some ideas for additions… but I’d like to hear from others.

If you are interested in reviewing the book, please drop me an email and include in your message the email address you use at members.oreilly.com (and if you don’t have an account you can sign up for free). I will then pass your info along to O’Reilly and they will drop a copy of the eBook in your O’Reilly account. You can then download the book in the format of your choice: ePub, Mobi (Kindle) or PDF.

All I would ask is that in return you post an honest review of the book somewhere on the web… O’Reilly’s site… Amazon… your blog… some other site. Note that I’m not just asking for glowing reviews… sure, I love those and they help… but if you don’t like the book or think it has issues, I want to hear that feedback, too! At this point my main interest is in seeing some more reviews out there.

Thanks for the consideration!

Fascinating Chart of Growth of Google+ Relative to Facebook and Twitter

Fascinating chart on the growth of Google+ relative to Facebook and Twitter, courtesy of Leon HÃ¥land:

Growthofgoogleplus 1

Now, of course, being the newcomer Google+ benefits from already having Facebook and Twitter out there to spread the news about Google+ ... and to spread the links to Google+ material.

Google also has the massive directory of users of Google services... from Gmail to Google Docs and everything in between.

So on one level it's no surprise to see the phenomenal growth... still, it's quite impressive by any measure.

P.S. And of course I am on Google+...

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