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FYI – New Mobile Web Interface For Deploy360 Site

Deploy360 Mobile InterfaceJust a quick administrative update about this Deploy360 site.  If you are browsing this site using a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android device you will notice that as of yesterday your user experience has been changed to be more “mobile-friendly”.  Whether it is a topic such as IPv6 or DNSSEC or  a page like our Start Here page or news from our Deploy360 blog, you will now see the text in a more readable form.

This is part of our long-standing commitment to make our information as accessible as possible to all visitors regardless of platform.  Making the site mobile-friendly has been a task I’ve wanted to make happen for quite a long time, but the change this week was admittedly driven by the fact that Google has indicated that effective on April 21, 2015, they will use the “mobile-friendly” status of a site as a ranking factor in returning search results on mobile devices.   We want to be ready for that change by Google so that our pages do appear ranked as highly as possible in mobile search results.

I mention this because we still may be tweaking the mobile user experience over the next days and weeks.  For example, I’d like to have an easier menu for mobile users and so we may be changing that.  The current mechanism we use for the mobile interface does not change the display for tablets such as the iPad or Android tablets – and we’re evaluating whether that matters or not.

So if you are browsing from a smart phone and see some changes… don’t be surprised!  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible user experience – and we will be working on that.

P.S. If you have comments about the mobile user experience for this site, please do feel free to leave the comments here on this post or anywhere on social media where we post the link.  Thanks!

Moving My Various Web Sites To Responsive Design To Be Mobile-Friendly

Danyork com responsive designToday I made on change on this "" site to move it to a new theme that uses "responsive design" so that it will look good on a mobile device as well on a large screen. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time because any of a zillion reports out there will tell you that an increasing majority of users are viewing websites on their mobile devices. I can just see that in my own behavior where I use my iPhone or iPad for viewing so many sites.

The challenge I have is that this site, and my other major personal blog sites, are all still hosted on TypePad, one of the early blog hosting providers where I started writing back in 2005 or so. Some year I'd love to consolidate them onto one of the other hosted sites where I run WordPress... but the amount of work to do so is quite substantial given the hundreds upon hundreds of posts between my various sites. Some day...

Meanwhile, I figured out enough about TypePad's one responsive design theme to be able to move this site over. At some point over my holiday vacation I'd like to move these two over to a responsive theme:

They are where the bulk of my personal writing occurs. The challenge with any move to a new theme on TypePad is that you need to rebuild the menus, sidebars, etc., so it does take a bit of time.

I also want to move my writing aggregation site to a responsive theme:

That site is hosted on WordPress and so there are many options... I just have to find one that I like and spend the time configuring it.

Most of my other WordPress-hosted sites already are responsive, including:

Out of my various websites where I write that will really just leave CircleID, where I have no control over the formatting, and my 7 Deadliest UC Attacks site that is also still hosted by TypePad. If I have the time, I'll probably just move that one during the migration of my DisTel and DisCon sites.

And then, of course, there is my Deploy360 site at work... which is a MUCH bigger challenge that will be dealt with sometime in 2015...

The end goal will be that people will be able to read my writing with ease on whatever platform they use - mobile phone, tablet, desktop... or anything else.

Stay tuned...

Disruptive Telephony… … disrupted?

Disconnected handsetIt's been a while since I've written here on Disruptive Telephony... too long. :-(

It's not for a lack of topics ... my queue of things I would like to write about continues to grow and grow!

It's easy to say that my day job has consumed much of my writing time... and there's definitely a great bit of truth to that.

There's also the fact that I have two young children and a wife whom I adore and want to spend time with... as well as other priorities in life that have taken me away from writing as much as I used to.

I do, though, want to get back to writing here, and indeed across all my sites, a bit more.

Stay tuned...

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Code.DanYork.Com Now Back Available Over IPv6

worldIPv6launch-256pxAfter a Reddit thread started up that briefly referenced a 2011 post I wrote about adding IPv6 to Node.js apps, I was contacted by a Redditor who was surprised that my site wasn’t available over IPv6!


I was surprised, too, because this site is hosted on a dual-stack server at Hurricane Electric and has been accessible over IPv6 since June 7, 2011, right before the World IPv6 Day event.

But in checking into it… there was no AAAA record in DNS for “” that would point to the server, so the report was indeed accurate. For regular users this site was not available over IPv6.

It turned out to be one of those system administration issues that can bite you.  A month or two ago, TypePad, the provider I still use for my personal site, experienced a severe DDoS attack that took many sites offline.  They recovered but in doing so changed the way that sites were referenced a bit.  I had to switch to using a CNAME instead of an IP address as I had been doing.  The problem there is that due to the “no CNAME at zone apex” rule of DNS, I could no longer use just “” – I would have to switch to using “”.

The episode highlighted to me, though, the need to be sure I have “Test over IPv6” in my list of things to check after making any major changes to any of my sites!

I didn’t want to switch and so I moved the DNS for “” over to CloudFlare to make use of their “CNAME Flattening” so that I could still use “”.

However, in moving the DNS info from my previous DNS hosting provider to CloudFlare, I messed up.  I didn’t bring across the AAAA record for  Also, very bizarrely, I didn’t have the “Automatic IPv6” setting enabled for – even though it is now supposed to be on by default for all new domains.

So the fix was simple – I added the AAAA record for, and I also flipped the switch on the Automatic IPv6 gateway.  Now both and are fully available over IPv6.

Quick Admin Update: Minor changes to Deploy360 website, sharing

Checking under the hood and kicking the tiresJust a quick update… in our constant effort to to make this site work as smoothly as possible for visitors and also to help as many people as possible  find our content, I spent some time “under the hood” today making some upgrades and doing a number of other tweaks.

You shouldn’t see anything really different about the site, but if you do see anything that acts strange, please let us know.  I’ve gone through a sample of our pages and posts, but there’s a chance I may have missed something.

The major change you will see is the “Share This:” bar of buttons at the bottom of this post.  I switched from the plugin we were using before to Automattic’s “Jetpack” plugin for WordPress and like the behavior much better. I also added LinkedIn as a sharing choice to make it easier for people to share out content out to LinkedIn.  Any feedback on the sharing experience would be welcome, either as comments here or via email/form.

Another reason for the update today was that the Jetpack plugin lets us also automatically publish our new posts out to the Deploy360 Google+ Page, in addition to our Twitter account and Facebook page. We’ve found a good amount of interest in our information within Google+ and continue to gave great conversations there. Our previous process automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook but was a manual process for Google+ that was a bit cumbersome. We like that this change puts Google+ on the same level as the others as a content distribution channel.

We also updated the awesome EditFlow editorial calendar we use for planning the content we’re sharing on the site and made a number of other minor tweaks and changes.

All in all a shiny new back-end of the Deploy360 site for 2014!  We’re looking forward to using these capabilities to deliver even more information to you in 2014… please do let us know how we can help you!

Image credit: wsdot on Flickr (I figured a photo of a snow plow was appropriate given the current weather conditions where I live in New Hampshire, USA). Now Running WordPress 3.2.1

In addition to being where I write about programming and other developer topics, this site is also where I test out new WordPress releases before installing them on other sites like the Voxeo blog portal or the Voice of VOIPSA site.  This site runs on a WordPress Multi-Site installation, although there aren’t many sites here (another one is my new IPv6 book).

This past week I installed WordPress 3.2 (followed by the 3.2.1 bug fix) and I have to say I am quite impressed with the back-end changes described in the announcement.  Some of them are just minor little nuances… the changes in the typography, even…   it just feels snappier and faster.  If you run a blog on top of WordPress, I have to say that 3.2 is definitely worth a look… I’m loving it! Now Available Over IPv6 as of World IPv6 Day

Ipv6day 1Just in time for World IPv6 Day, I’m pleased to note that is now available over IPv6!

This site runs on WordPress and while WordPress itself works fine with IPv6, the trick was to find a web hosting provider that provided solid IPv6 connectivity.

After much investigation, I finally set up a basic web hosting account with Hurricane Electric. They’ve been in a leader in IPv6 deployment and have great interconnections to other IPv6 networks. They are also the folks behind, the free service I use to get IPv6 connectivity into my home office (using a setup for IPv6 with an Apple TimeCapsule that I described in another blog post).

I had this site hosted at another webhost, but through the sheer beauty of WordPress’s export and import features I was able to move the entire contents of the site over to Hurricane Electric without any problem.

For those curious, I’m running the site in WordPress’ Multisite mode as I’m planning to move more of my sites over to HE’s hosting. I’m using the Domain Mapping plugin to let me map different domains to different blogs. It’s all working wonderfully.

Now, unlike Google and Facebook, I’m not removing the IPv6 connectivity for this site after the 24 hours of World IPv6 Day are up. This site is live with IPv6 and will stay set up with IPv6 for the foreseeable future. (But having said that, I have nowhere even remotely near the visitors of the larger sites… and I have the luxury of not having to deal with large numbers of people who may have challenges connecting to my site.)

Welcome to the new IPv6 Internet!

P.S. If you want to learn more about IPv6, and in particular IPv6 and VoIP/SIP, you can visit the IPv6 Resource Page I put together over on Voxeo’s site. I’ve got some HOWTOs, tutorials, videos, links and more…

As an aside, over on the right navigation bar you’ll see a little “IPv6 detector” box that will show you either your IPv6 address or your IPv4 address (and yes, I blacked my actual address out in the screenshot because I’m just naturally paranoid):


I’m using the “IPv6 detector” plugin for WordPress by Andres Altamirano, although I did alter it a bit. I shortened the text that was printed for an IPv6 address so that it would fit in my theme’s sidebar. I also removed the URL link and removed the extra links about IPv4 exhaustion.

Installation was a snap, though… I just installed it into WordPress and then went to the Widgets area of my theme and dragged it into the location where I wanted it.

Upgraded Code.DanYork.Com to WordPress 3.1…

Tonight I just upgraded to the shiny new WordPress 3.1… it’s the first of several sites I’ll be upgrading so this is mostly a test. If you see anything funky, please do let me know…. and, man, I keep loving what the WordPress community keeps on developing! Cool stuff!

Welcome to!

Welcome!  You’ve found your way to yet-another-blog maintained by Dan York. When I recently did a count, I actively write on about 14 different blogs, most of which I list here.

So why start yet another place to write?

Well, the simple answer is that I want some place to write about programming, open source software, git, Tropo and so much more.  Unfortunately that doesn’t really fit in with my main blogs of Disruptive Telephony, Disruptive Conversations or my main  I do have sites like Voxeo Developers Corner and the Tropo Blog where I can – and will – be writing… but those sites are targeted more toward services from Voxeo, the company I work for.  I want a place to write about development in general.

I sort of have that now with my Advogato account, but Advogato is pretty much the same system it was six years ago… no comments, no auto-posting to Twitter or Facebook… I want to write about coding in a more modern CMS.

So I’m here… and odds are that I’ll be importing this feed back into Advogato. 🙂

I’m still tweaking the site… messing around with the theme and CSS… so it will change.  Stay tuned for more…