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FIR #755 – 5/11/14 – For Immediate Release

Quick News: Marketing execs call PR an underutilized strategy, new Twitter profiles are coming, Twitter adds social recruiting, EasyJet's aviation first with drones and more; Ragan promo; News that Fits: tips for creating social media analytics reports, Dan York's Tech Report, getting hashtags right, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, listener comments, the digital cavalry is no savior for the print news business, the past week on FIR, Michael Netzley's Asia Report, Igloo promo, Vine's new website is a big deal for marketers; music from Col. Bruce Hampton and Aquarium Rescue Unit; and more.

Deploy360 at RIPE68 May 12-16 in Warsaw: IPv6, BCOP and more

RIPE 68Next week will be an extremely busy week for two of our team members at the RIPE 68 meeting happening May 12-16 in Warsaw, Poland. Both Jan Žorž and Chris Grundemann will be there and as Jan is also a member of the Program Committee he has a very active week there.

Looking at the very packed RIPE 68 Meeting Plan, the week looks like this:


First, Chris Grundemann will be speaking in the “Lightning Talks” plenary session happening sometime between 16:00-17:30 about our “Operators and the IETF” project and what we are doing to try to get more network operators involved with the IETF standards process.

Jan will be chairing one of the early plenary sessions but his main activity will be the Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Taskforce meeting happening Monday night.  Several aspects:

  • Jan is chairing the overall session along with Benno Overeinder
  • Jan will be speaking about the document on “IPv6 Troubleshooting for Helpdesks”, of which he is one of the editors
  • Our colleague Andrei Robachevsky will be speaking about the “Code of Conduct” initiative

Jan, as you may be aware, also heads up our effort focused on getting more BCOP documentation out there.


Chris will be speaking in the 11:00-12:30 plenary session on the topic of “Security in an IPv6 World: Myth & Reality” looking at IPv6 security issues.

I’ll note that later in the day (16:00-17:30) there will be a session celebrating 25 years of RIPE which will be great to see! (And congratulations are certainly due to everyone in the RIPE community on hitting that milestone!)


On Wednesday we don’t have any specific Deploy360-related presentations, although Jan will be presenting as an individual in a session about the address policy working group.


For us, Thursday will be all about the IPv6 Working Group, with multiple activities:

  • Jan and Sander Steffann will be presenting about the work underway to update the RIPE-554 requirements for IPv6 in ICT equipment.
  • Jan and Benno Overeinder will be speaking again about the BCOP document for IPv6 troubleshooting for helpdesks.

You can expect to find both Jan and Chris in that session given the other very interesting presentations as well.

While there in Warsaw both Chris and Jan are very interested to talk to people about how we can help you with your deployment of IPv6, DNSSEC or the other topics we cover.  If you’d like to meet with either of them, you can find them in the sessions above – or email us at

FIR Live #25 – 5/9/14 – IABC’s 2014 Fellows

Brad Whitworth, ABC, joins FIR co-host Shel Holtz for a discussion with four of the five new IABC Fellows: John Deveney, ABC, George McGrath, Mark Schumann, ABC, and Jennifer Wah, ABC. (Tamara Gillis, ABC, Ph.D was unable to participate.)

TDYR #151 – I Could Never Hit That Branch If I Tried… Yet I Do

TDYR #151 - I Could Never Hit That Branch If I Tried... Yet I Do by Dan York

TDYR #150 – For A Brief Moment, I Was Excited About Twitter Again

TDYR #150 - For A Brief Moment, I Was Excited About Twitter Again by Dan York

Watch LIVE NOW – IPv6 Security Session Out of LACNIC 21

lacnic21-promohomeInterested to learn more about IPv6 security? Our Chris Grundemann will be speaking about “Security In An IPv6 World” at LACNIC 21 in Cancun in just a few minutes.  He is the second speaker in a session that is scheduled to start at 9:30am local time (which is 10:30 US EDT and 14:30 UTC)… which is pretty much right now!  You can view the session live at:

You can view the live stream in Spanish, Portuguese or English… although Chris will be speaking in English! :-)

Chris will also be speaking about the Deploy360 Programme tomorrow, May 7, 2014, at 9:05am local time (14:05 UTC).  (You can read more about what Chris is doing at LACNIC 21 this week.)

Our colleague Mat Ford will be speaking on Friday at 9:15-9:30am local time (14:15-14:30 UTC) about our routing resilience survey.

You can see the full agenda for LACNIC 21 at their website.

Celebrate “Day Against DRM” With 50% Off All O’Reilly Ebooks

day-against-drm-2014.jpgIn celebration of the “Day Against DRM“, O’Reilly is running a sale of 50% off of all their ebooks and videos. All you have to do is go to their site and shopfor ebooks … that’s it!

As I note on my page about buying the book, I’m a big fan of buying directly from O’Reilly because the ebooks are DRM-free andyou get free updates and more.

DRM only hurts us as readers … and as an author I don’t want my readers locked into specific platforms. I’d like readers to be able to read my books on whatever device they want whenever they want.

As the site says, DRM is TOXIC to our freedom!

So… if you have been thinking about buying some O’Reilly ebooks – mine or anyone else’s – please buy them today and help spread the word that we as readers want our ebooks without DRM!


P.S. My “Seven Deadliest Unified Communications (UC) Attacks” book is also on sale today in ebook form through O’Reilly after O’Reilly started carrying the ebook version of 7 Deadliest UC Attacks last year.

P.P.S. Please note the 50%-off sale ends on May 7, 2014, at 5:00am US Pacific time.

DNSSEC-name-and-shame Spotlights Top Web Sites Without DNSSEC

DNSSEC Name and ShameWhich of the Top Alexa-ranked sites support DNSSEC? How can you quickly find out if a web site supports DNSSEC?  Last week we learned of a fun new site that came out of a recent hackathon at TheNextWeb 2014 conference in Amsterdam that aims to answer these questions.  Called “DNSSEC name and shame!” the site can be found at the simple URL of:

At the top you can just enter any domain name and the site will check whether that domain is signed with DNSSEC.  But what is perhaps more interesting is to go a bit further down the page and look at the list of the Alexa Top 25 sites and the list of the event sponsors and “known good” examples.  You can click on any link and it will tell you the result.

I won’t spoil the surprise of what you’ll find when you click those links… but suffice it to say that many of the sites need to read our information for content providers / website owners about how to sign their domains with DNSSEC!  :-)

This DNSSEC-name-and-shame site is a cool example of the type of site / service that can be easily created using some of the new APIs available for DNS and DNSSEC.  Several of the other hackathon projects were definitely cool and we’ll be spotlighting some of them in the weeks ahead.

Congrats to the developers of the site, Joel Purra and Tom Cuddy, too, for winning PayPal’s TNW Hack Battle prize.  Great to see PayPal recognizing this work… and of course has been signed with DNSSEC for quite some time now.

Do check the site out… test out domains that you work with… and if they are not signed, why not start today on getting them signed and making the Internet more secure?

P.S. We also enjoyed that Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder of .SE lent her shaking-fist image to the site.  She’s one of the early pioneers in the world of DNSSEC and it’s fun to see her here!

FIR #754 – 5/5/14 – For Immediate Release

Quick News: consequences of a lack of common sense on Twitter, Fleishman Hillard launches Native Newsroom for LinkedIn, WPP acquires Twist Image, more problems for social media policies; Ragan promo; News That Fits: a social media transformation, Michael Netzley's Asia Report, the fashion industry and Instagram, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, listener comments, is print the new killer app?, Dan York's Tech Report, last week on the FIR Podcast Network, Igloo Software promo, wearable tech and business; music from Groove Carnival, and more.

Reminder – Live Call In Two Hours About TLS / SSL And The Need For More Crypto Everywhere

VUC logoReminder – in two hours you can join a live discussion we mentioned earlier this week about the need for more TLS / SSL everywhere and what we can do as a technical community to make that happen.  As I noted earlier the main guests will be Olle Johansson and Kristian Kielhofner with others joining in as well.  Host Randy Resnick usually creates an enjoyable and informative session where much can be learned.

To join the call, you can either connect in to the Google+ Hangout at 12:00 noon US Eastern – or alternatively call in via the SIP, Skype or regular old phone numbers listed on the top of the VUC page for the episode. There is also an IRC backchannel where text chat occurs during the episodes.  The session will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

For us, we’re interested in discussions like this one today because we want to build out our TLS for Applications area to have the best resources possible to help developers add TLS into their applications and in so doing make the Internet stronger and more secure for us all. (And on that note, if you would be interested in helping us create the info on our content roadmap for TLS – or know where we can find existing documents that fulfill those items – please contact us!)